I have chosen a video game ‘theme’ for a few/two reasons. Firstly its the industry I want to become a part of so it seems ‘natural’ for me to take this direction into video game audio where applicable. Another reason is although I could do that by other methods such as taking a scene from a film and replacing the sound, it won’t help anyone. If I can make something worthwhile for a video game then its a win-win. Thirdly I want the slate to be blank, if I replace the sound to a film scene I will be replacing what is already there… subconsciously I may be thinking “well what did it sound like before I took out the sound, maybe I can get it to sound very similar and I know I have done it properly”, I don’t want that possibility to even happen. I believe this study will be as much about creating the sounds as comparing them. Here is a way I’m thinking of conduction this study….

Firstly I’m thinking of splitting it into headings, then comparing and contrasting these headings with one another as well as comparing and contrasting subheadings. The headings I’m currently think about are;

Location Recording – How stuff is recorded out in the field, microphone placement, noise pollution, equipment considerations, all that fun stuff.

Studio Recording – Reverberation balance, microphone placement, physical limitations. etc.

The subheadings may then be:

Truthful – Creating sound in the most authentic way (heard not created, AKA how rolled up film sounds very much like grass)

Idealized – Creating sound in a more artistic and creative way (this could be seen as hyper-realism, for example, pretty much every explosion in a film. Or it could be seen as a more “animated” sound such as comical effects for cartoons)

Of course in the “real world” a hybrid of these methods would be utilised but for study purposes I plan to keep these separate from each other.

[Update]: I’m now thinking about splitting idealized into two, hyper-realism and surrealism. Comparing all the ‘subheadings’ with one another and utilising a mixture of studio recording and location recording within the comparisons as a separate piece.


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