Here is where I will put up anything I find interesting and related to game audio that I’m currently reading and watching. So for example; books, web links, videos.

The Fat Man on Game Audio: Tasty morsels of sonic goodness [Book]
This book is NOT a guide book. But it is an important one that is extremely written by the man myth legend that is The Fat Man. There is a kindle version out now for less than the paperback so you can’t use the ‘its not in print any more’ excuse.

The ultimate guide to Video Game writing and design [Book]
Not strictly about video game sound but the whole concept of creating a video game from a designers point of view, very interesting read that does touch upon how sound can be and is utilised within a game.

The Sound Effects Bible [Book]
This is THE book on sound effects. Its a guide book for new people and a reference book for people with the knowledge already. The book is not tailored to the world of video games but most if not all of it can be applied. If this isn’t at the top of your Christmas list there is something wrong.


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