Here is where I will put up anything I find interesting and related to game audio that I’m currently reading and watching. So for example; books, web links, videos.

Gamasutra – Audio [Website]
If an article is on here its very useful, for both old dogs and newbies. Covers a range of topics, news, interviews etc. If you don’t find something worth reading on here then maybe video games ain’t for you.

Designing Sound [Website]
This website is not solely based on video games, but instead encompasses articles from all uses of sound design including software into one website.

The Sounds of Star Wars [Book]
This book takes you on a journey through time and space to a long long time ago in a galaxy far away. Its a great book about the sound effects to the Star Wars movies… Plus it comes with a little attached audio player with the raw (not as they are mixed into the films) sound effects so you can hear what they sound like out of context, what’s not to like?


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