So a new C-Series contact microphone made by Jez, an independent microphone builder who specialises in hydrophones, made its merry way through the postal service to my house today.

A contact microphone, for those who don’t know, is a specialised microphone that picks up sound using vibrations instead of the air. You can shout at it and it won’t capture anything (at the most it will capture a very little amount), so it needs to be securely placed to a surface for it to work efficiently. Fun fact: Ben Burt used a contact microphone on the end of a metal spring, suspended in mid air, which when hit produces the laser gun sounds heard on Star Wars.

I haven’t had a proper play around with it yet but I’m sure I will be using it loads. Here is a very rough audio example of it on top of my toilet while it was refilling:

Sidenote: I actually used a candle to hold the microphone in place… Which reminds me, ‘Need to buy more tape’.

So go check out his website (and buy a few microphones whilst you’re there) at http://hydrophones.blogspot.co.uk/


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