I actually completed the sound to this video some time ago, I have been rather busy and neglected this website. Hopefully things should start popping up now.

Below is my final version of the realism sound design of the video clip, I’ll go more in depth about it later but at least its on the site now.

The gunshot at the end of the video was a stylistic choice. Real life doesn’t go in slow motion (the matrix was only a film). So I decided that the sound shouldn’t for the realism video, even if the visuals do.

Would I have done that if I were indeed working on a project? No, but then again I would use a combination of Realism, Surrealism and hyper-realism to create the sound.

Note: The lack of footsteps, sure you could compare realistic footsteps against hyper-realistic and surrealistic ones but we all know what a footstep sounds like… This isn’t a study on creating foley to picture, its a comparison of sound design themes.

Feel free to comment, I would love to know what you think of it… If it sounds real etc.


4 thoughts on “Realism Video

  1. I really like the suit ruffling sound when climbing, the fireworks worked well and the gun shot sounded as if it was shot from a silencer. It would have been interesting for the chap who was ejected from the window to make some sort of sound. Maybe Bond could have asked him how much he weighed? Its all very subjective, but on the whole I liked this method, the sound didn’t detract from the game play and enhanced the experience.

  2. This is my personal favourite of the two, the fireworks are good in this one they are synced up well, I would of chopped them up a little more and added the “bang” ones more when you see them on the camera but that doesn’t detract from they are very clear from the recording. I think the voices are a little too loud and when “bond” is stood next to some people the voice don’t seem to becoming from the left of him but that could be as there is a few people around that it is all blending in together…

    I thought the clothing sound was brilliant when running and then climbing onto the ledge thing and when the guard is thrown down again the sound works really well there.
    Gun shot for me was excellent did sound like a real gun being fired with a silencer on.

    I am more of a foley nut so these comments maybe slightly irrelevant..

    Overall I liked it the sound isn’t too prominent that it pull you out of the game play but its there enough for you to notice and you would defiantly tell the difference if it wasn’t there.

  3. I really liked the loading of the clip and his clothes rubbing. I actually zoned into the gameplay for a second thinking “I want to play this” and the sounds seemed as if they were part of the game anyway. Well done. I was going to say the same thing about the guy making noise before reading Lukes comment

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