“Hopefully things should start popping up now”… Famous last words heh?

Yeah, sorry about that. I did, I really did try to put more stuff up on here but other commitments had me all held up. Its the same story again, I completed this video a while ago (January) and have only just had the chance to upload it. But its on here now so that’s good… I guess.

Its strange isn’t it, how my realism video contains more overall audio than this hyper realism one. Looking back now I think I included too much sound in the realism video looking for that ‘movie quality’, which wasn’t the plan, lesson learnt.

I would post how I done particular sounds for this video, but I simply don’t have the time… maybe later. One thing to note though, that silenced gun sound; Have a guess how I done it and write your answers in the comment section. The person who gets it right will get a cookie*.

Speaking of the comment section, I want to see something down there. I really want to know what you think of these videos, what I could improve, etc.

Now here is where I would say “Hopefully things should start popping up now” again, but I’m unsure. I have too much to do for now. Do expect the surrealism video to arrive on the website soon though as I’m currently ploughing though it.

*not really.


7 thoughts on “Hyper Realism

  1. I enjoyed the sounds of the guard getting gut punched, but think I preferred the gun sound from the Realism one. I think when he is sneaking upon the guard, some sort of foot sounds could be good, I know he is sneaking, but its a stone castle and even the most expensive Italian loafers would create some sound πŸ˜€ Its a hard one to call, as with it being hyper realism, you could have him grunting as he leaps, yet he is trained to be a silent assassin, so its a tough call. Again the sound adds to the scene and isn’t distracting attention away from the game play.

  2. I really like the sound of the lights on this one, I know lights don’t make a sound but if it was a little less high pitched I think it could work on the other video.
    The sound of the guard being punched is very good I don’t think I would of made the walkie talkie noise that loud before hand but I guess in the “hyper real” world it would be.

    Clothing sounds work well again there was more clarity in the movement on this one πŸ™‚

    very good again I like it

  3. Loving the gun sound… only because it sounds a little like a laser gun, so probably not practical. Like your guards “aaaargh!” but only coz it was you, so probably not practical. Not loving being cut from the conversation on the bridge 😦 Overall, this feedback was probably not practical. Its getting late and I’m delusional tired. I will try again tomorrow

  4. Most of what I wanted to say has been said – listened to both version and overall I prefer the first (realism) although something tells me the exaggerated sounds in the second version are more in keeping with video game? Just one observation regarding the ‘fireworks’…I would have liked to have heard more ‘reflections’ from the stine walls of the building, which may have added something to the ‘drama’?

  5. This one seems a little more sparse than the realism one, I’d have expected it the other way around. At 1.15 I prefer this one *punch, “urgh”*, but the fireworks are better in the other. I say better, I think there’s just more of them. But, as you’ve stated, in the real world you’d use a combination of the two. Tidy though, well done.

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