This one has me puzzled, this study aims to show the differences between realism, hyper-realism and surrealism audio within video games. But, the more I think about it the more I think there are no rules.

For example, Zombies:

Its an odd one, isn’t it.

It could be Realism: because they are, after all they are (were?) humans… generally making noises that humans make. Moans, Groans etc.

It could be Hyper-Realism: because these moans and groans are often layered with other sounds, to create an “over the board” sound but still keeping it a seemingly real sound. Still sounding like creatures that could (with a bit of imagination) exist.

Or it could be Surrealism: because they can sound otherworldly, think of the left 4 dead which cry.

I’ll update this post with any replies I receive.


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