And here it is, the last one, Surrealism.

Again, I don’t have time to go through the sound list but I will say (write) this: Most of the sound heard in this video are modified from voice actors.

Its not as well produced as I would have hoped it to be but as the delay set me back around a month I had to quickly get something done. And I think with that in mind its not bad. But what do I know? feel free to tell me I’m wrong / right in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Surrealism

  1. Very Jacobs Ladder 🙂 Stand out points are the gun scene at the end and the radio crackle and bleeps when he is scaling the wall, the rest is very surreal, and maybe some odd sounds when running may have added to the scene, the whole thing gives the impression he has been drugged and must find a way to escape, was interesting to watch.

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