To solidify the finish of this project I would like to show a ‘directors cut’ of the video.

This version combines creations from all three sound design videos, Realism, Hyper-Realism and Surrealism. I also took into account some comments made on these other videos to create this ‘super’ video.

This video is most likely not what would be created had it not been for the study. Wow, now that’s not even correct English. What I mean to say is, if I never done this study I may not have found out about how different styles of sound design can affect the result… for better or worse.

Its been great. The study is over but the learning has just begun… Good Night.


2 thoughts on “We All Come Together

  1. I think this is my favourite, the combination of techniques and ideas works well, the adding of clothing rustle, gun load and a chink when climbing the gates is a nice touch, the drama of the kill shot at the end is really nice and works very well. Over all this seems to be the more finished/polished result and wouldn’t be out of place on a commercial release.

  2. I think the sound effects are believable – especially the gunshot! Also the ‘tension’ sound effect immediately before the gunshot is, to me, all too familiar with regards to similar games!
    One point I felt could be touched upon if you were to revisit this study would be that there may be a tad bit too much reverb on the female (my) vocals — using a little less reverb would fit a bit better with the scene that the characters are in! However, the fade in/fade out of the characters’ speech was timed perfectly as the main guy walks past them all.
    Overall, a very creative result that would fit well in a real game. Well done!

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